Cheap Travel Insurance For People With Ulcerative Colitis


If you suffer with ulcerative colitis you must disclose this on your travel insurance application to be sure that if you need to claim for medical treatment when you are abroad you will be covered.

In addition should you fall sick before departure you would need to claim the lost holiday costs so you could book again when you recover. This is only possible with full disclosure of your ulcerative colitis at application

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What is Ulcerative Colitis?

Ulcerative colitis is a long-term (chronic) condition affecting the colon.

Symptoms include:
• bloody diarrhoea
• abdominal pain
• a frequent need to go to the toilet
• weight loss

These can range from mild to severe, with the condition being unpredictable. Symptoms can flare up and then disappear (known as remission) for months or even years.

If you experience a severe flare-up of symptoms you may need to be admitted to hospital as a precaution. A severe flare-up is usually described as passing six or more blood stools in one day and having symptoms that suggest you are very unwell such as fever, rapid heartbeat and anaemia. If you think you may be having a severe flare-up, contact your a doctor and be prepared to make a claim under your travel insurance, (provided you have disclosed the ulcerative colitis at application).

There is currently no cure for ulcerative colitis so the aim of treatment is to relieve symptoms during a flare-up and prevent symptoms from returning during remission – this is known as maintenance therapy. Medications such as aminosalicylates and corticosteroids (steroid medications) are used for this. Mild to moderate "flare-ups" can usually be treated at home. A severe flare-up needs treating in hospital as there is a chance of serious complications developing. Surgery may be required to remove a section of the colon, if medication fails to work.

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Setting up travel insurance if you have ulcerative colitis will be cheaper if you go to a specialist website that provide a range of underwriters and options for cover. Be wary of your bank, especially if they offer so called “free cover” as they are unlikely to be specialists and the small print will probably exclude pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel agents are also unlikely to offer a wide selection of specialist travel insurance companies to cover ulcerative colitis as they usually only provide quotes from a single company to make their lives easier when training their staff.